Boost Your Motivation To Get Better Everyday

Let’s be honest…

We all procrastinate. To procrastinate is human. We can beat procrastination but it requires discipline and good entrepreneurs, master to beat procrastination.

When you have an idea. When you have tons of work to do, you sit down at your computer but procrastination sets in. An hour later, you realize that you even haven’t begun the first task you set your agenda to. Lack of motivation? 

There are two types of motivation: Internal or external, and we are driven by one or another. 

  • Internal ( or intrinsic) motivation is the one that drives us to achieve a goal. When we do something for personal regarding. 
  • External (or extrinsic) motivation, is when do something to earn a reward or avoid pain/punishment. 

Although many researches have shown these results what we consider that is the KEY TO AVOID PROCRASTINATION is discipline. Discipline will keep you going when there is a lack of motivation. 

“Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for fewer problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom.”

Life changes. Life is like the changing seasons. You cannot change the season, but you can change yourself. There’s no way to avoid the pitfalls of life, but there is something you can do… When you encounter a lack of motivation and you start seeing that everything is going wrong or difficult, hold on tight on discipline. Build your discipline. With discipline:

…you can get stronger
…you can get wiser
…you can get better

Remember that trio of words: stronger, wiser, better. You may not be able to change a tough situation in your life, but you can always change yourself.  


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