How To Create A Social Media Strategy That Works

Whether is for your personal or business goals, we all want to be “Instagram famous”. Even if that is not the best or proper way to say it, the truth is that without visibility, it is too difficult to achieve success. As Grant Cardone says: “Money follows attention”

It is vitally important that you identify what these goals are. Driving traffic to your site? Generating more sales and leads? Increasing brand awareness or communicating with your customers? No matter what are your goals, you need a game plan to enhance the power of your social media presence. 

The days of traditional advertising platforms are not gone but definitely have taken a second place. In the last five years, spending on social media marketing has increased by over 130% and researches says that by 2021, digital will represent over half of total US ad spending. Worth to take into consideration.

For any goal in life, we recommend you to go SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. 


Simply writing a goal down increases the likelihood of accomplishing that goal. Being specific when it comes to what you want to achieve with social media means you are already a step ahead of the game. 

Make your goals as specific as the intimate connection you strive for with your audience. This means that having a goal to “sell more” or “generate more followers” is a good starting point, but getting more detailed about where you actually want to go will lead to a more customized experience that can allow you to build a more engaged customer base in an in-depth way that resonates. 

Learn more about what moves your audience, what makes them tick, and where they choose to hang out. Construct a vibrant picture of how to connect with them in profound ways that will lead to a greater sense of community that will, in turn, paint a masterful image of what your company is truly all about.


Being accountable and measuring your success is an important step to a better social media strategy. Choose a specific number for the growth you want to have. Instead of simply saying “I want to grow my Instagram followers,” give yourself the challenge of saying “I want to grow my Instagram followers by 50% by next month.” 

Measurement and analysis of your efforts will go a long way in determining the effectiveness of your social media strategy. This will save you time and money in stopping what isn’t working while allowing you to double-down on what is producing results. 


Monitoring the impact of your marketing efforts will allow you to analyze your data and make sure the goals you are setting are achievable. 

Make sure your goals are attainable. Add a Google Analytics tracking code to your site to keep tabs on social media goals such as downloads, dwell time, traffic, and page views.


Increase your brand awareness in a way that will likely increase your sales. 

Don’t spread yourself too thin and expel extra energy on a platform where your potential customers are less inclined to engage. If you want user interaction taking place around your product, try focusing on the one or two channels that you know will garner attention, rather than stretching yourself out across multiple social networks just to maintain a presence. 

Remember that awareness is capturing your customer’s attention.


Your goal should be time-sensitive to make sure you stay on top of everything in a realistic manner. 

Give your goal a reasonable deadline.

Keep in mind that a SMART goal is only “SMART” if the goal covers all letters in the spectrum 


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