How To Create The Perfect Elevator Pitch

An Elevator Pitch is a sixty-second speech where you give up the relevant details of yourself, your business, idea, or brand. So it has to be fast, cover all the key points, and delivered with charm and style. But it can also be delivered as a pitch presentation or a one-page overview. The goal is to get the attention of the listener. 

Whatever your needs are, you are going to need to make a great first impression and get straight to the point. If you are preparing an Elevator Pitch to find a job, the speech must be all about you: who you are, what you do, and what you want to do.

So how do you create the perfect elevator pitch?

#1 Be brief. 

It can be a 30-60 seconds maximum speech. Your pitch should be a short recap of who you are and what you do.

#2 Share your skills.

Tell who you are and what qualifications and skills you have. Try to focus on assets that add value in many situations. 

#3 Be persuasive.  

Your elevator speech should get the attention of the  listener in order to get interest in your idea, organization, or background.

#4 Know your audience.

This may be the key point to get the attention of the listener. In some cases, using jargon can be a powerful move — it demonstrates your industry knowledge.

#5 Mention your goals.

You don’t need to get too specific but do remember to say what you’re looking for. 

#6 Have a business card ready.

Even if you do not have a job yet, even on a personal level, you should have a business card ready to hand it at any moment in any situation. 

#7 Be flexible. 

You aren’t interviewing for a specific position, so you want to appear open-minded and flexible. 


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