How to Get the Perfect Cat Eye

If you are like us, with very little Make Up Skills, getting a perfectly even cat eye is probably one of the most frustrating things ever.

We are pretty sure you love how chic and elevated a cat eye line it looks, it’s almost worth the struggle.

Of course, the best way to get it perfect is practice but we have few tricks that make it a whole lot easier. Here are our three easy tips for getting the perfect cat eye every time.



There are so many eyeliner options out there– liquid, gel, pencil, powder, stamp. We find that the best option for us (and that is perfect for beginners) is a liquid eyeliner. Using a the EBONY PEARLS BEAUTY eyeliner is way easier to control, it dries faster and it is waterproof. 



One of our most keep secret is that before you start your cat eye, use an eyeshadow primer to map out where you want your eyeliner to go. This trick makes it so much easier than going in blind with your black eyeliner. After you map it out, get your liquid eyeliner pencil and draw over the shadow. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect. We got you covered with some tricks for cleaning it up so it looks perfect!



Once you have your almost perfect cat eye, simply take a small q-tip and some micellar water  to clean up any mistakes. Finish it off by taking a small concealer brush and some concealer to sharpen your lines! And voilá, the perfect cat eye!

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