The Incredible Story of Moise Mbiye

Today we want to share with you a ONE-OF-A-KIND gospel musician Moise Mbiye . When I came to Kinshasa for the first time, few months ago, I had the chance to go to one of his concerts. It was my first ever gospel experience and I loved it. I was impressed! The vibes of the people all singing at once, dancing, praying… It was truly a unique experience. 

Moise Mbiye is a Congolese pastor, author and gospel artist who has always thrived for perfection in his work ethic. He is known for breaking the records. He had the most successful gospel album: HEROES with his famous song Tango Naye. It is the most watched Congolese gospel music video on YouTube.

He is most known for doing the biggest concert in Kinshasa where all his fans sing along with him. I was surprise of how much everyone in attendance knew the words to all the songs and sang their hearts out with so much emotions. 


We admire people with faith, conviction and determination. Recently, Congolese artists were banned from doing concert in Europe because of political conflict in DRCongo. He his the only Congolese artist that threw one of the biggest concert in Brussels. 

By watching one of his videos, I learned that doing a concert in Brussells was one of his dearest goals. A few years ago, during one of his concerts some people intentionally crashed his concert, destroyed everything, hurt and stole from his fans. After that devastating incident he promised himself that he would not let that stop him and he would return to do one of the biggest gospel concerts in Brussels. 

He always has a quote after each concert and in the last one, he launched the hashtag : #JesusChristgagnetoujours so if you want to be part of the movement, join on Instagram.

His concert dates are never published in advance, usually they do so a few weeks before the concert. If you want to experience an incredible gospel concert, follow him on his social media @moisembiye to have all the updates.


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  1. Elle
    July 18, 2019 / 6:37 pm

    Im a Christian and I follow Pastor Moise Mbiye. May I just say that it’s a big success to have someone write about the great works that God has been doing through this man of God who despite the trials and tribulations, he continues to give us hope, faith and a tenacious spirit to live as God’s children in a very dark world.
    So, kuddos to the author/s!
    May I also ask that you revise your grammatical errors and be a bit more specific with your examples in the future. Other than that, your ariticle was amazing!

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