The Best Custom motorbikes for Gentlemen

Motorbikes, Gentlemen, what can we say? Just a man and the open road. This is what real mens’ reams are made of. As Hugh Laurie says “Driving a motorcycle is like flying. All your senses are alive”

There is something in the danger, the adrenaline, the speed… but when they ride beautiful old-school custom-made bikes is what really make a true mans heart racing.

These are some of our favorite custom-made bikes. 

The TTT | Deus Ex Machina

Michael Woolaway’s latest artistic creation, a classy 1978 Triumph T140, will be getting the royal treatment as a centerpiece inside its new residence near San Diego, California.


Malamadre Motorcyles

A Yamaha Scorpio turned into an unique designed for the F1 driver Charles Leclerc.


PopBang Classics 

The Australian workshop PopBang Classics has just built one of the best custom Honda CX500s ever seen.

Vagabund Moto

An unique BMW R100R 1991 by Vagabund Moto. “the whale”


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