The Habits of Highly Productive People

In a world where everyone is talking about how to be more productive in our professional and personal life, there is no doubt that is something that most of us want to achieve. But, what exactly makes a productive person? The secret, HABITS.

When you think of productivity you may think of the ability to get a lot done in a short span of time. But the truth is, productivity is the ability to create high impact results in a short amount of time. This is the kind of productivity that matters and most of us want to master. Not busy work that creates no impact in the long term. Have you ever the quote “Don’t work harder, work smarter” ? There you go!

These are my latest favorites books to read about productivity and habits:

If you want to master productivity,  here are the 6 Habits of Highly Productive People.

These habits help me get the best out of my day, work and life in general. 

Habit #1: Remove the unimportant to focus on the important

During my last trip to Kinshasa, DR Congo I read the book THE ONE THING (highly recommended) and at the beginning of the year I read as well, the book GRIT (totally recommended) where, the author, Angela Duckworth, shares the theory of Warren Buffet about his three-step process of prioritizing:

1- Write down a list of twenty-five career goals. 

2- Do some soul-searching and circle the five highest-priority goals. Just five.

3. Take a good hard look at the twenty goals you didn’t circle. These need to be avoided at all costs. They’re what distract you and the ones that eat away time and energy, taking you eye from the goals that matter more. 


My days, always start the night before where I review my agenda to see and plan what I have to do tomorrow. Even if plans change along the day, I need to know what I have to do the next day in order to waking up with purpose. Before you go to bed at night:

  1. Write down what you are going to do the next day. 
  2. Identify the most important tasks, and rank them by importance.
  3. Ask yourself:  Do they bring me closer to my goals?”

Learning to say no is very important in business and in life in general. 

Habit #2: Work on the 80/20

Although it can be applied to most of areas in life. Business, diet, sport, life… I think you can achieve living by that rule when you achieve certain level of wealth. Even if I select the most important tasks, I still need to put most of my time on working if I want to achieve all my goals as soon as possible. 

The difference between EFFECTIVE ≠ EFFICIENT

Effective means being strategic in how you approach your goals by focusing on the biggest impact actions. Efficient means doing your tasks quickly and accurately. 

Habit #3: Take breaks

No matter how much work you have, you must learn to disconnect and rest. Especially entrepreneurs need to master this. Recently, I made a promise to myself to really disconnect during the weekend. I love my job and I can spend hours and days in front of the computer. I always have things to do but many of them can wait. So I am getting into the habit of not open my computer during the weekends. Making the most of your week days, not wasting time and knowing that on the weekend you are “free” it is an amazing motivation. 

Habit #4: Remove distractions

Since I recently read the book, The One Thing mentioned earlier, I have applied Gary Keller strategy and my productivity as rocketed!

Habit #5: Set a timeline

Either in your profesional or personal tasks, it’s good to set a timeline. A timeline helps you stay focused and prioritize. 

Break down your goals.

Habit #6: Be in a flow environment

Surround yourself  with people that inspires you and helps you achieve peak productivity. 

Being close to people who are productive make you flow with them. Same happens when you surrounded yourself with lazy people. 

What are your tips for productivity? Comment below and share with us your most valuable tips.


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