The Ultimate Barefoot Luxury Experience

When we think about bare feet, the first thing that come to mind is homeliness, childhood and comfort. Luxury evokes a sense of elegance, wealth and class. It seems that these two concept are counterintuitive but the truth is that both experience can be meld into an offering that suggests both, comfort and elegance. This is exactly what barefoot luxury is.

Being the beach-addict that I am, after few days of work in Kuala Lumpur and in Bangkok, we desperately wanted to escape and experience one of the largest but less populated island in Thailand. We had been hearing so much about a luxury resort located on this island as the ultimate barefoot luxury experience.  


As always, we planned this trip last minute. Traveling is part of our daily life and we have flexibility so basically we go day by day, meaning that we may have book the one way ticket and have the full itinerary planned but it is open to changes. It is why we do not book the rest of the flights. This can be stressful sometimes when you know you need to fly in 2 days and you still with no flight tickets…We met in Bangkok. My best friend and biz partner, Raissa, came from Paris and I flew from Kuala Lumpur. We were so excited to our Soneva Kiri escape. We had seen mesmerizing picture of the resort but any picture or video make no justice of what this piece of paradise really is. You have to experience it. 

Barefoot luxury is what we crave. We love luxury but we like adventure. We are tired of the classic luxury hotels, all same design. I kind of like them when is in a city but when you are on a island, what is the beauty in that? 

Soneva Kiri is a prime example of barefoot luxury. It’s all about embracing comfort and encouraging to experience your surroundings while at the same time providing an excellent elegant and luxurious experience. All of which provide an experience that takes guests to the heart of nature. It’s a paradise unlike any other. Everywhere you look, you can’t help but be in awe. 


The resort has only espacios 36 pool villas, with sea views and utmost privacy. High ceilings and insane bathroom gardens, the villas of Soneva Kiri epitomize luxury outdoor living that allows you to catch the natural sea breezes in every corner of the resort. 

You can’t go wrong with any of the villas. The beach pool villas are ocean-front and have their own private sand beach. The ocean views pool villas may not be ocean-front, but they are ocean-view and are nestled in the lush rainforest. 

We stayed at a 3 Bedroom Beach Pool Reserve Villa. Villa number 14 and it’s one of the most incredible villas we have ever stayed at. This 3-bedroom stunning villa features a huge private infinity pool over the ocean, varios beautiful outdoor spaces, a kitchenette, a spacious dining area to ensure indulgent island living.

With a rustic-chic sustainable design and unabashed indulgences, this villa is perfect for families. It includes a large master bedroom, a second bedroom, separate open living room with a dining deck under the stars and the “tree house” for children. 

The children “Tree house” accommodate 4 children in bunk beds, has its own shower, dressing area and private deck from where the slide down to the pool. Children can also enjoy a foosball table game on their very own bedroom. 


Everything is this villa is outstanding but few things to highlights, like the master outdoor spa-like bathroom surrounded by lush island vegetation, the private cinema room or the observation/sun deck the perfect spot for drinks, dinner or watching the night sky come to life. And the water slice down to the pool that looks out over the green gardens and onwards to the white sandy beach beyond. 


And while the villas themselves provide a haven of tranquility, the island offers enough excitement to keep even the most active of souls busy. a long list of activities you can take part in during your time at Soneva Kiri, ranging from activities you can do around the island, like paddle-boarding, kayaking, sailing and snorkeling, to more adventurous waterfall hikes, sunset sailing trips and unique dining experiences like the tree-pod dinning. 

The food at Soneva Kiri is over the top. Much of it is farm-to-table and grown right on the island on their own organic garden. The dining options are served in a different surreal location each time around the resort. During our 4 days stay, we never dine in the same spot. 


We spent 4 days at Soneva Kiri and saying that we had a blast is an understatement. We meet incredible people and we fill a suitcase of fond memories.  Soneva brand is all about details. They have a “time capsule” where you write a postcard that they will send you in 6 months. We dream of coming back to Soneva kiri or any of their other 2 resorts in Maldives before they send us the postcard.   We found a paradise where we didn’t know we would find it. The hospitality and service is world-class, and everything from the five-star food, to the water activities, to the cocktails and wine, is a 6 start experience. 



Koh Dood Island, Thailand

T: +66 (0) 2631-9698
F: +66 (0) 2631-9699


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