Top Instagram Account To Follow in CONGO

There’s nothing like that rush of inspiration you get after scrolling through creative Instagram accounts. Social media influencers have changed the whole game. There is no more space for the old-school worlds of paper travel guides like, Lonely Planet, now, influencers like Lionel, @mackwantashi on Instagram,  has taken the space. 

It is with no doubt, our favorite influencer to follow in DR Congo. 


We love his creativity, his style and the way he makes us discover new and beautiful places in Congo. 

Through his art, we can experience the beauty of Congo. He makes us dream and desire to go to that place we see on his instagram feed. You know when you are scrolling on instagram and you see a picture of an stunning place and you react like: “WOW!! Where is that place? I want to go” That is what Mack does. 

This is a selection of our favorites @mackwantashi pics. Make sure to follow him to discover and dream about Congo. 


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