A Guide To El Nido Philippines

Being traveling around the world non-stop for several years and visiting stunning places, we could say that El Nido in Palawan, Philippines, houses the most beautiful locations on planet earth. 

Hidden lagoons, stunning islands, limestone formations, white sand beaches and a blue crystal water as we haven’t seen before. Philippines is composed by more than 7,600 islands, all of them, full of beauty and hidden treasures.


El Nido is a truly small town and to be honest, it is not that excited at all. You go to El Nido for the Island Hoping Tours and other incredible beaches you find in the surroundings. Although, in the last years, due to its amount of tourism, you will now find really good restaurants, healthy, nice and even vegan restaurants along with cool beach clubs. 

How to get in El Nido

El Nido is accessible via boat, minivan or direct flight. But honestly, if you are flying internationally you will probably arrive to Puerto Princesa Airport and the only option to get to El Nido is by van or by bus. A 6-hours ride… 

Best time to visit El Nido Palawan

The best time to travel to El Nido is generally, December to March, weatherwise. April and May are very hot but very good months to visit. Honestly, I don’t recall to be that hot when we visited El Nido in May. I remember one thing: the prices were double during this time. The accommodation was quite expensive and it was almost all booked. We were shock to see the prices for accommodation. There were not even nice places to stay. But anyways, we were not there to be in a fancy resort. For that we went first to Thailand. Here, we wanted to do El Nido Island Hoping and explore the island a bit. We wanted adventure. 

Motorbike rental

As in any island around Southeast Asia, the best way to explore El Nido is by motorbike. There are tricycles (like Tuk Tuks) but overcharge big time, they are unsafe and quite uncomfortable if you are 2 or more people. If you are going to spend money on your transportation to move around the island you better spend 350 – 500 PHP (6-9 USD) on a motorbike and be free to go whatever you want and when you want. We rented ours at the hotel as well. 

Sustainable Tourisms

Bacuit Bay is a protected area and El Nido is trying its absolute best to reduce the impact on the environment which I really love and appreciate. You can see the result of its effort as the beaches are clean, you don’t see trash in the ocean…

For example, it is not allowed to smoke on the street nor the island hopping tours. If you smoke, keep that in mind. One of the things I love the most is that they completely banned plastic bottles or single-use plastic on the island hopping tours. 

Tips to travel to El Nido

As in any island, better not drink tap water. Lot of people don’t even wash their teeth with tap water but honestly, I always do. Even in Indonesia, and I have been living for almost half a year there and it was totally find for me.  I had never had Bali belly or got sick in any of the South East Asia countries we have traveled to and we usually eat on street food market and buy fruits and veggies on the public local markets. We do not recommend to do so, take your own advice. This is just our experience. 

Internet connection

To be honest, there is not good internet connection. Not if you need to work with your computer, although we found some good cafés and restaurants where the internet connection was quite decent. 


Make sure to bring cash or use the few ATMS you will find around the island. The majority of the restaurants and shops, only accept cash. 

We always withdraw money at the Bank located right in the center of El Nido Town. Even though there were other couple of ATMs around, we felt that was the safest and it was located in a proper bank and not on a restaurant or shop. 

Clothing. What to bring to El Nido

Honestly, forget about bringing fancy clothes to El Nido you are not going use them. We spent our days in bikini and beach wear.


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