The New Singer That Will Make You Fall In Love

Do you know that song or songs that you keep on repeat? No matter how many times you listen to them, you never get tired. That is what is happening with us and with half of the world with Ya Levis songs. Not only  they are heartfelt but the rhythm make you want to grab your partner an dace up close all day long! As a latin, for me, Ya Levis is like the Romeo Santos of the African world. 

He was born on September of 1994 in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo but moved to France at the age of 5 years old. He got the passion for music from his parents. Her mum was a singer in a choir and his dad (Nico-Nemiala). At a very young age, Ya Levis started to sing with his father Congolese rumba. 

His talent quickly got the attention of other artists and he ended up being part of his big brother Olvin Dalwear music group called “les étoiles D’Africa”. In 2012 Ya Levis decided to leave the group he was part of since 2009, called “the starry” to start his SOLO carrear. 

It is when he recorded his first track “Love-olivia” and “shabanni”.


What makes Ya Levis special is that he sings with the heart. He has a beautiful voice that conquer almost everyone and the fact, he mixes French and his home language (Lingala) which make him be more close to his fans. 

He is also a songwriter and dancer. It is not a surprise that during a concert in April 2013 he was discovered by the record label MCP GROUP which remains with him since then. 

From his new album “EL MAYALOVE” our favorites songs are: Katchua, Libala, Aïsha and Penzi. 


During his current Summer Tour, we had the chance to meet him in Kinshasa while he was performing in few private events and apart from being an amazing artist, he is a wonderful persona. 

He will be back soon in DRC for 2 more concerts in Lubumbashi. Make sure to book your tickets here. 

He is going to be in Spain on the 14th of August performing at Ivoire Club. To all my Spanish friends, I totally recommend you to go. 


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